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Features 13 works of art that remind us of the ease and simplicity of yesteryear. These beautiful, quality wall calendars will inspire feelings of nostalgia for all.

Step back in time with our enchanting 2024 Remember When Wall Calendar, a captivating journey through 13 months of nostalgia and cherished memories. Immerse yourself in the artful tapestry of the past, beautifully illustrated on each page, as we celebrate the timeless moments that have shaped our history.

Featuring a curated collection of nostalgia art, this wall calendar is a visual feast for those who appreciate the charm of days gone by. From iconic events to cultural landmarks, each month transports you to a different era, inviting you to relive the magic of yesteryear.

Makes for a wonderful personal calendar or an appreciated gift!
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Monthly Date Pads feature:

  • Large date squares to add appointments and other important events
  • Major US Holidays.
  • Major Canadian Holidays

Calendar Specs

Size:            Closed: 11'' x 8½''
                      Open: 11'' x 17''

Binding:   Stapled

Paper:       Cover - 8 pt Coated Card Stock
                       Pages - 100 lb Gloss Paper Stock

Personalization Options: None

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Premium Wall Calendar1100 24.95

Style and Quantity

Total : 24.95

The 13-month format ensures you enjoy an extra glimpse into the past, making this calendar a unique and enduring keepsake. Perfect for enthusiasts of history, art, and vintage aesthetics, our Remember When Wall Calendar is not just a timekeeping tool – it's a delightful journey through the memories that have shaped us. Embrace the nostalgia, capture the essence of each moment, and let the artistry of the past adorn your space throughout the year.