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CalendarWorld.comis the Web-2-Print storefront for COMDA.COM
bringing quality Personalized Custom Wall Calendars to market at at the lowest prices!

For over 45 years Comda has been producing and personalizing a line of over 60 stunning wall calendar themes for 100's of 1000's of clients. Resulting in the dsitribution of over 30,000,000 wall calendars annually.

CalendarWorld is the Web-2-Print Online Storefront where users can create truly one of a kind wall calendars, both for Business Advertising or Personal Use and is the next step in Comda's product offering.

Enabling clients to more extensively personalize the Comda calendar product line, as well as create Fully Customized calendars with your own photos, events, Holidays, even start and end months.

- Hundreds of pre-loaded templates and customizable products.

- Enjoy freedom from hassles of constant designing, redesigning and proofing.

- Get your order printed on superior quality paper and card stocks.

- Get your order delivered quickly at your doorstep.

COMDA.COM is widely regarded as one of the finest and most experienced providers of promotional wall calendars in North America.
All aspects of order processing, production, shipping  and customer support are managed by Comda.com.