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Calendar StyleQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
Personalized Business Promo Calendars25100 9.95
105250 8.50
255500 7.50
5051000 6.50
10052500 5.50
25055000 4.95
500510000 3.95
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Calendar Specs


   Closed: 10⅝" x 10"
   Open: 10⅝" x 17"
   + Imprint Flap: 10⅝" x 1⅝"
   Imprint Area: 10" x 1⅜" (on flap)

Personalized and Custom

   Closed: 11" x 8½"
   Open: 11" x 17"
   Imprint Area: 10" x 1⅜" (in page)

Paper Quality:
     Cover: 8 pt coated Card Stock
     Text: 60 lb Gloss Paper

Paper Quality:
     Cover: 8 pt coated Card Stock
     Text: 60 lb Gloss Paper 

     Cover8 pt coated Card Stock
     Text100 lb Gloss Paper

Binding: Stapled

Finished Weight:
   Budget: 3.46 oz [98 g]

Binding: Stapled

Finished Weight:
   Budget: 3.46 oz [98 g]
   Premium: 4.68 oz [112 g]

Personalize your Business Promo Calendar content the way
you want it.

This unique business promotion calendar enables you to take one Standard  Businesss Promo Calendar Theme and Personalize everything about it.

Order in 3 easy steps!


1. Define Calendar Campaign

  1. Determine how many calendars you will need
    (Don't worry you can change your mind at checkout when you see how great your calendars are, you will want more.)
  2. Choose quality of paper with which to construct your calendar.

2. Personalize Calendar Theme Template

  1. Choose your desired template from over 55 defined themes
  2. Personalize monthly images with text and/or company logo
  3. Personalize every page with the same or unique ads for your business.
  4. Personalize date pad design from a selection of editable layouts.
  5. Personalize date pad from a selection of National and Religious Holidays, Observations and Events.
  6. Personalize date pad with important events unique to your business.

3. Check-Out


Step 1:

Style and Quantity

(Increment: 5)
Total : 1 025.00